We at Helix are delighted to work with Starkey and dispense their products to our patients. They have just come out with their newest family of devices, called Evolv AI.

Why we chose to work with Starkey:

One of the biggest reasons is because of the many different ways our patients can individualize their hearing aids through Starkey’s app, Thrive. Patients have the ability to customize the app, adjust the volume and the frequency of sounds. The app allows for patients to adjust their hearing aids based off background noise, machine noise, or wind. They also allow for control over directional microphones. Starkey’s edge mode allows for the hearing aid to create optimized settings for you based on the characteristics of that particular environment. Starkey Evolv AI has the ability to all levels of technology to us edge mode!

The premium level of technology has fall detection alerts that will alert a hearing aid wearer’s family of a potential fall. This is especially helpful for our more unsteady patients to give them and their family’s peace of mind. 

Compared to their last family of technology, Evolv AI has a 40% reduction in noise energy, allowing for the patients to have the best sound quality. 

Reach out to us to try some demos in office today!